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Clubsoda Kenny holding the Motley Crue tickets. 1st person here gets them.

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2664 days ago

Clubsoda Kenny holding the Motley Crue tickets. 1st person here gets them.


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twiley1386 2664 days ago

That box above csk's head is just begging to fall right then(miss the walkover,btw)

cdub79 2664 days ago

I didn't know the Acela Express Went through midtown manhattan

hairyass 2664 days ago

You should do this in Las Vegas too, so the P.O.W. can have a chance.

Booger_Couch 2664 days ago

The Shit'ems have all the luck...

BHite15 2664 days ago

doesnt the sign say no standing anytime? bad kenny, law breaker

slumpib 2664 days ago

Look I liked the walkover.. Great radio.

joeyhockey2305 2664 days ago

if there was a WoW sticker on the light pole, it would be more clutch...

briandickens 2664 days ago

Is this a now923 twitter concert ticket giveaway?

LVgator 2664 days ago

He looks like he is running a ticket scalping sting. Don't trust that man!

HuxleyOrwell 2664 days ago

That'll be a 32 cent holding fee, G.H..

nickeldean79 2664 days ago

That was a cool way to give out the tickets Ope, you are so creative!

trexx65 2664 days ago

Soon after..Kenny started to climb the side of the building behind him.

andradewm 2664 days ago

He's happy

pdwcharris 2664 days ago

Damn! Kenny is half as tall as a light pole. I would hate to be a perp when he was a cop.

wiommijr 2664 days ago

Man I'm a douche left work early today like ten minutes before this was announced. I work right there. Fuck!

rexdart936 2664 days ago

Ugliest streetwalker ever. No wonder he has to give away concert tickets to get laid.

NoWaeJose 2664 days ago

1st person gets the tickets, 2nd person gets punched in the throat....

last1picked 2664 days ago

I guess no one wants to be the first winner who is more of a loser.

OpiesBlackberry 2664 days ago

I like the idea of a retired cop standing under a no standing sign

kenny2469 2664 days ago

What. No cash too?? It's motley crew. Dish out some cash and you will have more people rushing.