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Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today. :)

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1873 days ago

Love My New Chanel Purse I got Today. :)


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LunaDeHermes 1709 days ago


team__jackson 1795 days ago

is that your "Friends purse"?

FCMMonster_ 1808 days ago

しѺ√乇 ㄚѺŲ ❤

FCMMonster_ 1809 days ago

しѺ√乇 ㄚѺŲ ❤

FCMMonster_ 1809 days ago

Destinyforlove3 1809 days ago

Paris just stay strong and u will defeat, we must embrace pain&burn it as Fuel4our Journeys,that adversity is the 1st path2truth, Our Journeys in life Rintended2 make us better not bitter!

jeyjeycherry 1813 days ago

Love it !! <3

Lora_Franta 1814 days ago

It's a shame.i would love to have her life, she really is fortunated. i don't understand her!!!!

LuisFerVieira 1821 days ago

The Chanel purses is the best!

einwod 1821 days ago

, they all stand for CUNT, which this rich Bitch is. And a fucking horrible Cunt at that. Hope she rots in jail.

bellarosiemand 1822 days ago

This purse might be the one cocaine was found in, the same one she claimed was her friend's.

angelaa73 1823 days ago

hahhaah what do all those C's stand for?

kellyhowe65 1823 days ago

it's vegas, a girls gotta stay awake. damn.

dhnole34 1823 days ago

If this is the same purse the cops found the cocaine in, you might be better off tweeting some prayers instead of all your expensive material possessions!

naturalsoap 1823 days ago

Paris why you show chanel purse, show yours Paris Hilton for more publicity lol
check out my soaps you must like those

Brazilian_Bill 1823 days ago

Paris - your second phase of ads for beer here (Sao Paulo) are showing a lot on TV.Great ones.

Sjstokke 1823 days ago

Too Funny... Im all for it .. party on...

lilvaldivia 1823 days ago

...If you need a someone to talk to, a christian woman, I will be here to listen. God Bless.

lilvaldivia 1823 days ago

What a disgrace you are to the young girls that look up to you. My daughter is not allowed to watch your show "BFF" anymore. You need God in your life. I will be praying for you. You should include God in your life, promise things will get better.

mARThaZR 1823 days ago

Thanks to people like you, there is a horrendous war on drugs in Mexico, keep on sniffing all the corruption, blood & murder