Aziz Ansari


I'm an actor/comedian. I play Tom on Parks and Recreation on NBC. I also like food a lot.

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BREAKING NEWS: For my role in 30 Mins or Less, it looks like I'm going beardless!

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1538 days ago

BREAKING NEWS: For my role in 30 Mins or Less, it looks like I'm going beardless!


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SNL_Obsessed 1499 days ago

DUN DUN DUN....................

benthebum 1519 days ago


santiperdomo 1524 days ago

bro are you ripped???

haariskhan 1536 days ago

Screw the haters! ... Keep the beard.

ArjunGrewal 1538 days ago

Man don't listen to all these haters

FiresideChatha 1538 days ago

you should with a hybrid, the 5 o'clock shadow. you could pull it off.

willryder 1538 days ago

that wax figure looks spot on...forgot the beard

AstronomyFrog 1538 days ago

you look five, did you hit puberty yet?

shneepsie 1538 days ago

hah you look cute! but i vote beard, like a slight one.

Vedicine 1538 days ago

Haha looks like u just smoked a blunt w snoop dogg

parveeenk 1538 days ago

Beard makes you look different, I guess :)

zartas 1538 days ago

Now you just look like every other Indian guy. Bring the beard back!

MontegoJoker 1538 days ago

No offense but your arms look like a monkey's leg

JasonLehew 1538 days ago

You look high as fuck.

143KEP 1538 days ago


redminkwoman 1538 days ago

Whoa dude! U gotsta have the beard! You look like you just got pledged in a child marriage!

ScarlettJace 1538 days ago


Alecaho1ic 1538 days ago

You have the face of an angel and the arms of a fourty year old.

SarMilho 1538 days ago

BEARD. Please grow that shit back! You look like a pedophile and a child all rolled into one.

vladfresco 1538 days ago