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Good to see our old friend Jay Mohr!

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2324 days ago

Good to see our old friend Jay Mohr!


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gendjlee 2320 days ago

His show sucks. So does Ghost Whisperer since he left. I hope his character comes back from "hiatus" soon.

buck4dave 2323 days ago

Jay mohr wants to replace JImmy ......Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

MikeNeve 2323 days ago

Canary yellow lamborghini to the honeycomb hideout

gatewaycats 2323 days ago

loved jay's deconstruction of chappelle's act and patrice's reaction to it (cuz mine was the same) omfg

cdub79 2323 days ago

The Patrice Slayer

cdub79 2323 days ago

Hey its Jay MohrSSSs

JamisonG 2324 days ago

He killed it. Very dissapointed he didn't stick around for Ron and Fez.

Booger_Couch 2324 days ago

Only the DJs on XM 66 drop more N bombs than Jay Mohrs!

GregCat 2324 days ago


LiLmissLoyal 2324 days ago

Goddamn Jay Moore is hysterical! Checked out that Obama thing on you tube... NUTS!

antsjewneighbor 2324 days ago

look at those fat hips!

nneptune 2324 days ago


tomasz718 2324 days ago

Good show. And I'm a polak , nigga.

ggophers 2324 days ago

Jay is always hilarious. Nice to hear him on the show again.

HILL0001 2324 days ago

Jay in studio = O and A both get the day off to relax Great job Jay

DjBrainwasher 2324 days ago

hey look its the guy from paulie

FSUfanboy 2324 days ago

Send him to ant's hair plug guy!

tammzenn 2324 days ago

jay definitely kicked some ass today - hysterical!!

kitn1mcc 2324 days ago

What gonna do when the whatley posse comes for you

cathyd920 2324 days ago

Gary Unmarried is an awesome show. We actually watch it in real time.