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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

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Kat Von D was awesome on the show this am.

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1945 days ago

Kat Von D was awesome on the show this am.


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jojo5051 1944 days ago

AHHH CHOO! oh hay ant she's fat too

tooz56 1944 days ago

She's hot. I though she had a hotness even when she was a little heavier on Miami Ink

iamsmallfry 1944 days ago

That squeeky giggle is sexy.

MikeNeve 1944 days ago


FuhQ 1944 days ago

She's a walking coloring book lol. such a hottie

Booger_Couch 1945 days ago

Whoa, is that Tommy Lee?

GregCat 1945 days ago

I wonder if she has a red mushroom tat

oliverguerrero 1945 days ago

I'd hit that

evil_indian 1945 days ago

Kat is awesome at her signings too I hit one up in Omaha

buzz_killington 1945 days ago

I'd tattoo a map of Hawaii on her.

EdBattes 1945 days ago


tomasz718 1945 days ago


antsjewneighbor 1945 days ago


JackPorter 1945 days ago


DjBrainwasher 1945 days ago

humpback tatted nasty whore.

charliemoreno 1945 days ago

wow! She's no slouch!

charliemoreno 1945 days ago

A lot frumpier on radio huh?

csknoll 1945 days ago

Did you clean the seat afterwards or just toss it in the incinerator?

WilliamSputnik 1945 days ago

Great Show Today...

fortiers 1945 days ago

I'd drag my penis through a mile of broken glass, to hear Kate fart through a Walkie Talkie.