Michael Bruno


Just a quick smile for everyone after a great day of making music ..

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2264 days ago

Just a quick smile for everyone after a great day of making music ..


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itsCeciliaM 2258 days ago

you so cute! ♥ - Cecilia !

x_1DirectionFan 2258 days ago

haha amazing ;) x

RiskyBusinessHH 2259 days ago

god that smile kills me :)

frenchhtoastt 2259 days ago

god, just stop it. stop being so hot, pull you vneck up. c'mon, do you want us to die? <343

Janienicoleex3 2259 days ago

arizona misses you a lot. :)

tammy_styles 2260 days ago

why are you like, SO HOT when you smile MB ? <3<3

yougottaswim 2260 days ago

can you be any cuter?

JessicaLuvsHS 2260 days ago

Will that V-Neck go any lower xD

edrislove 2261 days ago

Oh and wear more V-Necks on tour alot..... When I mean alot's! <3

edrislove 2261 days ago

I love how u wear V-Necks and make everyone just have a heartattack at the same time.

MelaniePro 2261 days ago

I love you forerver Mike!<3

TragicAlexa 2261 days ago

I think i just been slaughtered XD

WeHeartAndyLee 2263 days ago

i love your smile :)) you're killing us with those v-necks though babe TOO SEXY ;)

frenchhtoastt 2263 days ago

stop killing us, mikey. please. you're too cute. <343

HonorSocietyFR 2263 days ago

Best smile ever <3

CegiNaRaeLi 2263 days ago

i like how you're twitpicing more. yayy<3

GirlUNeverKnew 2263 days ago

How cute Mike:)) Love U<343

loveteamjonas 2263 days ago


HS_JB 2263 days ago

too adorable. :]

simplesacha 2263 days ago

but the fact that you're absolutely adorable&amazing makes up for it. ;) :)