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I sing and play guitar for the Classical quartet 'We The Kings' Yes, it is fun. One day, I'm gonna be in a movie :)

I broke the baseball today :( we need a new one if anyone has any extras!!

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2263 days ago

I broke the baseball today :( we need a new one if anyone has any extras!!


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screamoxiumin 2261 days ago

Are you sure June didn't chew it?

WeTheCat_BLG 2261 days ago

i wanna poke it >:D

maggeronii 2262 days ago


HeyImEsther 2263 days ago

alex lipshaw broke his phone today too...this sucks...i'm sorry :(

StephieGreeen 2263 days ago

ahahahaha! thats greatt (:

caseygreenrock 2263 days ago

hahaha. ive done that before. i could totally give you one on tuesday at merriweather. :P i have plenty of them laying around my house.

_Makayla_Baker_ 2263 days ago

ahh that sux

holashayna 2263 days ago

haha fail, i'll bring you one next week wednesday.

FruitAddic 2263 days ago

how'd u do that?

hershey__kiss 2263 days ago

aww =[ how the hell did you do that?

songinsideofme 2263 days ago

WoW travis How do we break that?...

raeXlikeXRaWr 2263 days ago

Wow!Way to go Smalls!

Alnstarfire 2263 days ago

I have one tht I can bring to you on Friday if you guys are coming to Camden just give me a shout.

Jessie_ATL 2263 days ago

Travis is joinin' the major leagues! hahaha.

ReGalle 2263 days ago

Ualll You destroyer !!!

checkyesJu 2263 days ago

wow, you destroyed it!

alysssacrespo 2263 days ago

:( i'm sowwy travvvisss :P

spotnick1 2263 days ago

Holy shoes how did you do that?!?!

CaaarolinaLeal 2263 days ago

oouh ! >_<

OrlaShortyDemi 2263 days ago

hahaha epic