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Getting busted by @petergallagher_ on #CovertAffairs set. Why? Guesses?

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2121 days ago

Getting busted by on #CovertAffairs set. Why? Guesses?


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philngo 2111 days ago

Oh! Oh!! I know why! :)

Amandagail11 2118 days ago

I have no guesses because all I can think about is how attractive you look. *sets picture to desktop*

friendsholic 2119 days ago

hitting on his wife & pretending to be blind to get ladies :) lol *jk

dryquinhacris 2120 days ago

I like both!!!! You are amazing!!!

Never_Found 2120 days ago

I hope Auggie will someday be able to see,really! I also believe that he will.

AleashaMS 2120 days ago

He didnt cheat on his wife she was just suspicious toward the end the one guy tells her that all conversations where work related. I dont remeber why he got in trouble other than getting arrested.

Sunidesus 2121 days ago

Does it have something to do with whatever happened on the train you tweeted about the other day?

Kathleen1984_ 2121 days ago

I think Arthur is giving Auggie a going-over about him cheating on his wife the other night. Look at Auggie's innocent face? like nothing happened.. here comes the fist fight. lol

Kathleen1984_ 2121 days ago

...This scene captured really makes me want to have the opportunity to see the show. *sad face*

Middle_Triplet 2121 days ago

You made a typo on the computer that could have harmed the CIA in some way.. OR, you talked to that reporter but didn't tell her anything but he saw you and thought otherwise..OR you are getting too personal with Annie..OR you ran into him! I have more gu

natalia_moura 2121 days ago

I loved the first episode!!!!!!!! s2

waldingerz 2121 days ago

You have some new tech that allows you to 'see' that he goes commando!

threadhot1 2121 days ago

He thinks auggie is the source?

zewy 2121 days ago

probably because he wants his hair like yours, but is mad that the bitchy wife won't let him! haha

Craigaroni 2121 days ago

Squeezed his wife's butt. xD "I swear, I thought it was..."

jvento 2121 days ago

you went into the girls bathroom again?

SSA_NayahBomer 2121 days ago

He did another favor for Annie, who I hope stays his friend because the whole sexual tension thing in shows is OVER PLAYED. xD hahahahaa. Plus I♥Auggie, he should be MINE ^_^

amcarter 2121 days ago

Indulging Annie in yet another unauthorized something or other.

alwayss_val 2121 days ago

I turned the TV on and I watched that show and when I saw you I freaked out cause I watched Harper's Island(: I loved that show<3

klutzy_girl 2121 days ago

He kissed Annie? Actually, that's what i hope is going to happen.