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Meet Tucker, our latest addition to the family.

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2201 days ago

Meet Tucker, our latest addition to the family.


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krmmorrison 2174 days ago

Awwww, this makes me miss my Weimaraner Belle. They are my favorite breed. Enjoy him!

brieluvspickler 2177 days ago

What a cutieeee :D

mara1315 2180 days ago

aww my cousins have that same kind of dog!! wish i had a dog!!

countryfn71 2195 days ago

What a cutie! I would luv another pup, but only have room 4 my 1 dog & 2 kitties.

LuckySwift13 2196 days ago

Aww! He's so cute!

KatieCollinge13 2197 days ago

He is SO cute!

MsBlueswoman 2199 days ago

how cute is he!

grayghostdog 2199 days ago

these are the BEST babies to have....Smart, precocious, and luvable..

kimjameson 2199 days ago

Ha - you named your puppy after my baby boy! xox

haleyyxlovee 2199 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

nikkis120 2200 days ago

Kellie "Tucker" is oh so precious, what a face, just adorable!!

Mega_Changer 2200 days ago

hes beautiful and i love the name hope he adjusts and fits into ur family wishin yall a life of happiness together xo

peacefaithglam 2200 days ago


JnJuliette 2200 days ago

Sup Tuck? Kellei really is a nice girl, no joke :-)

CarrieMUfan89 2200 days ago

OhMyGosh! Soo Cute!!!! :-D

debdoznet 2200 days ago

Aww........... so cute..... keep your shoes up.....

MCDanowitz 2200 days ago

Aw, I have 2 weims, LOVE them, but good luck with the puppy stage!!!

___Melissa___ 2201 days ago


_kirkir_ 2201 days ago

aww Tucker is adorable

EJMilder 2201 days ago

aww <3 it!