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Into music and film! Love writing music and screenplays. I'm a Singer by heart! love being a daddy!! X

This what I look like under water......

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1960 days ago

This what I look like under water......


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Smylte_JLS 1540 days ago

LOL! Man, you are so random sometimes!hahaha. But i love it! ♥

LeesaRyan83 1750 days ago

I love it so so much!!!

KellenMilena 1954 days ago

How crazy a person has to be to take a pic under water? asuhausha! You look gorgeus =)

HannahHennessy_ 1956 days ago

why are you like drowning yourself?

marisadambrosio 1957 days ago

look like a newt sexy ... mmm I like sushi ...

Johanna2604 1958 days ago

lol you are crazy but it's so funny !!!!

BlueInRomania 1959 days ago

aaaaaaahahahahaa man u are crazy!!!!!:))))

Camionvrouw 1959 days ago

euhmmm... where were you drowning hun? Do I need to come and save you? lol x

Julie_Killeen 1959 days ago

Lol, very funny Lee, you always make me laugh.

imjessicax 1959 days ago

AHAHAHAHAAH you're crazy!!

Marks_KevsBabe 1959 days ago

Can we see theother parts of your body please...? ;))

N_Zayen 1959 days ago

u r soooo cute LEE under water xxx

TrishW_ 1959 days ago

aw thats cute I thought of you in the army of lovers vid for some reason lol

SweetSere89 1959 days ago

Hahahaha.. It remind me the video of "Army Of Lovers" XD

ItsSylvia 1959 days ago

Hahahahaha cute..

TinkerBell90_ 1959 days ago

ahahahahaah this is great! I like your hair!!! XDXD you're truly crazy!!!

BritishLady91_ 1959 days ago

hihiiii you're very crazy man....=) ....and so funny !! Xx

linamangiacapra 1960 days ago

par e palllllllllllllllll

Jojo_Ryan23 1960 days ago

lol,be careful babe xx

judeandchoccy 1960 days ago

*pmsl* I change my mind THIS is the new album cover! ha ha ha ha ha!