Sara Bareilles



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dsmolinsky 2214 days ago

Sara, your "bad hair day" and all, you look better than I do most days. Honestly, be prettier..<3

frankxmonae 2258 days ago

beautiful ... I love you. ♥.♥

cRosKy 2258 days ago

HOLY FUCK! Amazing <3 LOVE YA!

blaruss 2261 days ago

I like your hat Sara =)

KynsleyOmega 2262 days ago

Should I assume That Everyone who wears a BeanieCap is having a BadHairday? Cus I do the Same thing

Monster_Facts 2265 days ago

I wish I looked like YOU on my bad hair days! :)

baaanana 2266 days ago

I like your hair here. and your smile. x)

CJS5880 2268 days ago

are you up in Malibu? Used to love going to Zuma all the time!

Nadirarch 2268 days ago

you're amazing! haha cute >.<

pilotmike5 2268 days ago

So are you recognized by fans whereever you go now? I love this pic, you're a real gal! pretty 2

sizerlakhani 2268 days ago

what bout beer and me?

robj092 2268 days ago

Bad hair day schmair day. You're still a cutie!!!

izzzzzy26 2268 days ago

oh and love the hat :)

izzzzzy26 2268 days ago

i wish i looked like that on a bad hair day! i look more like dougall from the magic roundabout!

TheLifeChaotic 2268 days ago

I meant that in the least creepiest way as possible, I just reread that. Sorry.

TheLifeChaotic 2268 days ago

So what's on your ipod? You're on mine, but I wonder...What's on yours?

neon_indigo 2268 days ago

cool:) What beach is that? looks. awesome.

BoulderBill 2268 days ago

Nice. Very nice. Very envious. Sitting in a cubicle daydreaming about my beach trip in 16 days, 6 hours and 54... 53 minutes.

microrex21 2268 days ago

best thing about this pic is no one at the beach to care about your hair. wish i was there!