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Holy Shit! What is That?

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1531 days ago

Holy Shit! What is That?


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iKeralot 1296 days ago

Holy shit...is Banksy?

RyanMunster 1530 days ago

Hilton Pilgrim VS The World...pretty catchy.

HolyTerrorBri 1531 days ago

ahh!! so excited for next week!!!

RevDanger 1531 days ago

Holy huge advertising batman!!!

Vollis 1531 days ago

I'm DIGGING the trees! ;)

TashaPuffs 1531 days ago

I can't wait! This is gonna be epic!

TotallyDerek 1531 days ago

It seems that the Hilton's are also subject to graffiti. Awesome graffiti!!!

mcmeg898 1531 days ago

totally bitchin'

chase4815162342 1531 days ago

Wait, isn't that the new Hilton in San Diego which is right across the street for Hall H? NICE.

theandydavis 1531 days ago

"We are all witnesses"

freeboprich 1531 days ago

There should be at least one hanging from large buildings in every town :D

leahgrrl_ 1531 days ago

I really wouldn't want to be the person who had to put that up. (also WOW :D)

icelandelf 1531 days ago

That's what you call EPIC!!!

Ybalin 1531 days ago

awesomeness in the making, even (just not as awesome as the movie itself, I'm sure)

Ybalin 1531 days ago

that, my dear, is awesomeness

TreyTheQuota 1531 days ago

Clearly it's a sign of an epic of epic epicness.

gia694 1531 days ago

Holy crap batman!...it's it's...

Tara_Jen 1531 days ago

EPIC AWESOMENESS!! That's what THAT is!! :D

tjshears 1531 days ago

cool hotel bro

cybik 1531 days ago

Awesome is what It is :D