Ryeo Wook



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woonelloSJ 959 days ago

KyuWook ....!!!Aaaaaaaaa

alice_lovesGOD 1632 days ago


AlisonC888 1689 days ago

kiss kiss u :)

meiramoi 1712 days ago

kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ><

bobbytyas 1798 days ago

what the . . . ??


Roukia89 1867 days ago

HAHAHHA what is this face expression again Kyu??? KEKEKEEKEEKE

13witched 1869 days ago


PFchocoChoKyu 1884 days ago

hahaha ~~~ kyuhyun oppa ~~~~

eternalmangnae 1887 days ago

why i had a feeling,you bullied kyu,oppa... :)

special1003 1911 days ago

wow i liked it

kuhlsi 1922 days ago

I thought that's Sunny sleeping at the back.

kuhlsi 1922 days ago

You two + are so close. KRY, ftw. ♥

tracylennorie 1927 days ago

hahahaha..... like this pic... :))))))

Asibakyu 1928 days ago

it's like=>
RW:Kyuhyun ah look here the bird fly now.
KH:ya you'r realy stange wookie
lol Kyuhyun oppa Saranghae!!^^

Hejoo4 1930 days ago

I love you #ArabELF KSA ♥ ♥ ♥

ShivaHoang 1938 days ago

It's look like Kyunie is going to eat Wookie

AkoDawSiPoli 1943 days ago

kyu will kill you! what?!!! lol

nikuinoo 1944 days ago

watch out wooky ya, will eat you hahahahaha

miiLiau 1945 days ago

what's that face kyuhyun oppa.. ;)
too cute ryeowook oppa >___>''

Diana_511 1945 days ago

oppa such a very naughty maknae!! Love him!!!! (: