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1460 days ago


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MyNameIzThea 1038 days ago

I love you dumbo and kev ♥

MayaRockett 1133 days ago

I love that Guys With the Blonde Streek Of Hair... He is awsome

MemilycRTed 1221 days ago

Ultraman!! <3

CrystalWJY 1222 days ago

POREOTICS and you guys are super cool! asian rules!

najiharhar 1222 days ago

asian guys are super cute (Y)

JiffUtara 1298 days ago

awesome guys !!!!!

fujknot 1305 days ago


Ninna_McCurdian 1383 days ago

I love Asians!

amytheelephant 1457 days ago

my favorties asianss (:

GfAsCiNaTiOn 1459 days ago

BEST CREW! lol i <3 ur shoes! can i have a pair?? XD love this pic guys, well done :-)

pnoy_pilot 1459 days ago

Bumblebee Extreme Step Team!

lovemusicandBS 1460 days ago

those shoes look awesome!!

_ImaniLee 1460 days ago

Ryan and kev's shoes stand out!

ShannonsMyName 1460 days ago

So awesome!!!

MyAnhPham 1460 days ago

Woww, awesome!! :)

JenWasHeree 1460 days ago

I like Ryan's pose, haha.

Leprachong 1460 days ago

ryan looks like he could be one XD ryans my favortie GO NIGAHIGA

BurstingPancake 1460 days ago

Hella Epic.

whitneycbieber 1460 days ago

HAHA! look at how everyone is standing, then look how ryans standing! LOL i love you !!! haha

13GuMmi3b3aR13 1460 days ago

WHAOOO you guys are seriously awesome!