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My car got doused w the biggest birdshit I've ever seen. It goes well with the day.

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1457 days ago

My car got doused w the biggest birdshit I've ever seen. It goes well with the day.


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Bearycandy 1337 days ago

My car looks wayy better than yours cause I got the yellow, white and gray kind.
Ultimately the epitome of bird sh*t.

ryan0mega 1439 days ago

that is some good architecture down there

PriscillaBorden 1455 days ago

you just ass-sulted by a mini dinosaur. AWESOME!

AdriG10 1455 days ago

Holy shit! I didn't know American birds had an obesity problem too!

deadchicken584 1456 days ago

ahahaha, holy shit. that`s as big as mess a bird dropped on my shoulder.

Box_Doctor 1456 days ago

I think I see Jesus in there. He looks like He is eating a bowl of birdshit.

haymoose 1456 days ago

Damn girl! You look like an old, balding, fat dude without makeup!

SeanBurlew 1456 days ago

this the work of the elusive Dragon Shit Parakeet.

Koli10 1456 days ago

Have you people no idea how many hours it takes to train birds to do synchronised crapping?

HoolaHoopsMcGee 1456 days ago

Daaagg.... I must say, that's also a very large car window. Maybe its a proportionate shit.

TerrorDahVeed 1456 days ago

it ate alot of roughage

NewAge36 1456 days ago

Oh, No! Bird shit on your car? But, Was it a Germany car, Sarah? lol.

JoshMaples 1456 days ago

whelp. Thank goodness cows can't fly.

GoodieLee 1456 days ago

What's the chance of there being an ostrich in a city,needing a shit and finding your car?

paperdoll512 1456 days ago

i thought this said "cat" which would have been even better.

minnamus 1456 days ago


Chairmanmeow0 1456 days ago

maybe the bird doesn't like jews

5tella 1456 days ago

holy birdshit batman!

kleizo 1457 days ago

God just recarnated into a seagull and shart on your window lords lesson of the day you need to pray more