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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

Only in L.A. would this sign exist, let alone be this stylish/quality of construction.

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2335 days ago

Only in L.A. would this sign exist, let alone be this stylish/quality of construction.


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Safire137 2332 days ago

Nice! This is amazing!

denverbr1 2333 days ago

Great photo, but the Paparrazi would just keep plugging away regardless.

suzq101 2334 days ago

When in Toronto, check out the Kawartha Lakes - the fishing & WATER you love!

anniesway 2334 days ago

They're not so bad. They taste like chicken.

Ellice_AL 2334 days ago

HAAHAHA so true
yet sad because this would not stop people

RhondaBaccus 2334 days ago

The sad thing is, it wouldn't deter them at all

mroberts05 2334 days ago

ha ha! how funny! And your right...ONLY IN LA!

jacobweidenbach 2334 days ago

lol the irony of it...its tempting them to take there pictures.

Cantrell_Amanda 2335 days ago

HA does the emergency alarm sound off if it senses a flash?

MountainDigital 2335 days ago

And.... took a PICTURE of it..... Brad, you sir ARE the master of Irony!

AxEmTigers 2335 days ago

Oh my goodness. This is awesome!

alirosee 2335 days ago

Malibu Lumber Yard?

Sharonatwist33 2335 days ago

That funny! LOL!

wild59 2335 days ago

That is so cool! When being attack by the Paparazzi, grab blade and throw it at them! LOL.

RadicalJessica 2335 days ago

LMAO, oh Brad. xD

Christy_CA 2335 days ago

Paparazzi Free - I like that.. (hope is OK to say that)

misskleo 2335 days ago

You're right. Only in L.A.

carriewinatlife 2335 days ago


SydneyDeb 2335 days ago

Oh dear! That's both sad and funny!

farm_girl93 2335 days ago

haha thats hillarious! :) it looks like a saw blade