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NEW PIC: Aidan, Marcus and another sunny day in Cardiff... #beinghuman

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2117 days ago

NEW PIC: Aidan, Marcus and another sunny day in Cardiff... #beinghuman


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Crafter99 1885 days ago

Is it possible for Mitchell to get any hotter?!!

newenglandjenn 2076 days ago

Aidan you are simply delicious!

Phili_Durzarina 2080 days ago

<3 i've met you both.. Mr. Turner you are a legend and ...Marcus your a babe, thanks for showing me around the make-up area <3

Motoghost 2115 days ago

Damn! It's sunny everywhere but in Lancashire There's a big black cloud of rain over my town.

joooos1 2116 days ago

wow! Fantastic picture...mmm...esp. Aidan in a vest...yum! lol

Lionesskeeper 2117 days ago

OMG, Aidan in a vest *faints*, Hooray Marcus is made of Win :D

Rebekahdg 2117 days ago

Twins! Ah, and that Welsh sunshine. I almost typed Bristol, but you guys left that sunny spot.

naturewoman64 2117 days ago

I wonder which part of Cardiff the filming is taking place,as I shall be staying there for a weekend break soon! Be wonderful to see it going on & take some piccies!

indilflo 2117 days ago

Arrh! is this picture a peace treaty for the popularity contest?

pippitie 2117 days ago

Envious of both the weather and Marc- I mean, Aidan. Who wouldn't want to be up close to lovely Marcus?! x

aileach34 2117 days ago

lovely sunny smiles

naturewoman64 2117 days ago

'For they are jolly good fellows!!' It does look wonderfully sunny there, we had rain today here in Leicester! A really wonderful picture

pirate_moose 2117 days ago

You both look lovely guys! :D xx

VeraHarris 2117 days ago

Marcus would get it over Aiden any time x

elizina7 2117 days ago

Wow! :)

Dorina335 2117 days ago

Awww...Gorgeous pic of two lovely men..still think that Aidan looking thinner..he needs chocs!

angloirishgal 2117 days ago

Two of my favourites..lovin' that t-shirt're both winners guys!

fizzycolabottle 2117 days ago

Wow, who's the real winner? Marcus I think! He gets to touch Aidan for a living :P

eireannoir 2117 days ago

And the anticipation for series 3 just keeps growing! Congrats Aidan and well done Marcus!

relpadilha 2117 days ago

Nice! =)