Sara Bareilles


read it already. but love it again. Goodnight. I'm going to bed. xoxoxoox

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2414 days ago

read it already. but love it again. Goodnight. I'm going to bed. xoxoxoox


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gemalynn 2406 days ago

I'm reading it for the second time as well! Gearing up for the movie :)

Johmni 2411 days ago

Proof: The world is suittoe get you, spooffull pooppole people have there duckpile handsfulls

TassiaB 2411 days ago

Not only you're my fave singer, you also love my fave book ♥ How could I not love you? :)

blaruss 2414 days ago

Nice ;)
Hope you will come to Hungary, but it's a really small country...

Nadirarch 2414 days ago

you're great! you have to watch the movie. The movie is took some places in Bali, Indonesia! >.<

Lil_sunshine21 2414 days ago

Awesome movie!!!

yennaSDJK 2414 days ago

julia roberts movie?

amynameisali 2414 days ago

oh my gosh! reading that now. oh so amazing <3

suzerlamb 2414 days ago

one of my friends just suggested that book to me, she loves it! can't wait to start reading it!

nandazr 2414 days ago

I looooooveed it too!Brazil is waitting for you Sara!Xoxo.

heecu 2414 days ago

Love it! I'm hoping the movie lives up to my expectations.

alliejsmith 2414 days ago

Sara, you met my mom Lisa the other night at your show in MI and I think she told you how much I'm a huge fan of yours and love your music! Pretty sure this just made me an even bigger fan... this book is my favorite!

danm969 2414 days ago

... and sing! xoxo

baaanana 2414 days ago

Good to know you also recommend it, now I'm even more curious. ;3

baaanana 2414 days ago

anyway, there's a movie about this book, right? With Julia Roberts as the lead character.

baaanana 2414 days ago

ohhh I got this book as a b-day gift but haven't read it yet cause I lent it to my mom. XP

_MrChan 2414 days ago

love it ♥