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You're right, iPhone, I'm just paranoid.  I'm not looking at emails from no one dated 1969.

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2181 days ago

You're right, iPhone, I'm just paranoid. I'm not looking at emails from no one dated 1969.


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ACIMAZSIZ 1762 days ago

ahahaha this is funny :D :D :D

Swanee80 2160 days ago

I bet al gore sent those the day he invented the internet.

ryan0mega 2162 days ago

it indicates above there are 4 unread emails, yet displays 5 unread mail indication dots.. kaahhhnnnn

LBH1969 2165 days ago

Damn that was our special number.

greenimaging 2167 days ago

Must be a Mac thing. My old iBook has the same date on any documents or photos I process...strange!

StevenBrunton 2179 days ago

Grateful Dead Live at Boston Tea Party on 12/31/1969

heatherj00788 2179 days ago

Sarah, silly- You're just holding it wrong! Try an android phone, like nexus one or something! You can never hold it wrong!

nomonono 2180 days ago

It's that new year's eve acid freak who told everyone he was calling a celebrity 40 years in the future. He told them he wasn't lying, but did they believe him?

RivverSideDrive 2180 days ago

Take it for service... apples revert to that date when there is a hard drive or a logic board problem...

nal13 2180 days ago

Awesome, now I have your phone number!

WTFIDKNEMOR 2180 days ago

That is weird, I found folders from 1980 on my RCA mp3 player.

albert71292 2180 days ago

I was getting a lot of the same kind of messages recently in Thunderbird on my desktop PC.

AndrewHess77 2180 days ago

Agee's balls finally broke your email.

RichBReich 2180 days ago

Is the internet hiding under your bed again? Ha bedwetter.

minnamus 2180 days ago

honey, you can take screenshots with your iPhone :)

VoVat 2180 days ago

That was the day the sixties ended. Literally.

GaveItAllUpForU 2180 days ago

They all say happy new year.

liinfl 2180 days ago

your such a Jew Slut

NewAge36 2180 days ago

Isn't technology wonderful?! LOL.

flamefairy 2180 days ago

I was born in 69 and thats a good posi-oops i mean year .