Martin Johnson



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2148 days ago


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BloodyHooney 2133 days ago

what wrong withmartin ?!! haha

fanybecks 2141 days ago

pretending to be a lost little boy, Marty?? there. you won.

m12343212 2142 days ago

Nice pic =D cute like always <3

goydakat 2147 days ago

WTF?! me and my friends were there yesterday! how upsetting!

JennieRitterAAR 2147 days ago

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥~~

triaaas 2147 days ago

Awww u r so cute,boy!!Where did and ??? I cant see them in this pic . .

jemmaaahhh 2148 days ago

i like how you;ve now worn that jacket since the sunday show in sydney, ive done the same with the blg hoodie i got at the show XDXD

bianca_ruth 2148 days ago

cheer up, boys like girls is the best band i've seen live and i dont give out compliments like that too easy!

gungindaho7 2148 days ago

Wow what a great picture. So nice the view behind you.

hannahbby3 2148 days ago

u dont look very happy.. :(

Azza87 2148 days ago

would you be happier if and I were embracing each arm?

Dani_ZapataA 2148 days ago

hey martin what a sadly face dude :(

omg_itsmay 2148 days ago

You doesn't look so happy. What's wrong?

SUMstace 2148 days ago

you dont look too happy.. dont worry melbourne should change that.. we r the party city!

megsieexo 2148 days ago

Canada misses you! come back soon ? :)

Natallmighty 2148 days ago

This is to much for my eyes to handle

PresleysJizzin 2148 days ago

ur too cute for words:)

HeatherxFeather 2148 days ago

you look mad? whats wrong buddy?

Hiiando 2148 days ago

Lindo !

dom_stack 2148 days ago

melbourne sooooooooooon :D