Tom Hanks


I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

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Editing continues. Latest cut is 1:51 long.  No credits.  More to be done. Hanx

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1527 days ago

Editing continues. Latest cut is 1:51 long. No credits. More to be done. Hanx


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Ivett49t 1319 days ago

beansprout biologically Hi take a look at

robinaSkaur1990 1322 days ago

are't thou hank in thy screen on thy left side :P

elianapoloni 1350 days ago

Looking good ah! what with the keybord ??i wanna be there!! wanna feel what it's like to be part of a hollywood film...I WANNA B ON THE BIG SCREEN PEOPLE!!!

cbemerine 1413 days ago

Too funny, this is why I am going to just give up on small monitors and go for a 52"LED TV for my desk. Linux opensource will even let you configure a multi-processor system so that you could section out that TV and have different processors co

ryo_mirumiru 1446 days ago

That keybord is so colorful !! lol

MarkJuryFilms 1457 days ago

Is that the best edit suite they could give you? I don't get it...I've seen wedding videos edited on a better set up!

semeyaza 1469 days ago

work & family the hearth(and desktop) and insight & patience in the mind :) good work!

elyusai 1496 days ago

It's really amazing to see the making of a Hollywood film.

mediawriter8 1508 days ago

sending you good vibes for continued creative, genius-inspired cuts

paultrull 1514 days ago

For some great music for your film. Check out

masheter 1515 days ago

Whats our goal here? 90 minutes thats 21 minutes to cut.

Coach_Dano 1516 days ago

Hey Tom. Visit our new Website
I think you will like it! Greetings! Your Coach Dano

PirateDuke 1517 days ago

Nice set up - not that I expected any less! Looks like Avid.

sufiawsbaga 1522 days ago

Love the keyboard.....looks like a periodic table! B^D

Mouwze 1522 days ago

Info+Pics show movie making from the inside-out.Really enjoying it.
Gill. Wales. UK

gcskates 1523 days ago

Bet editing is way different than 20 years ago.

VanesaParenti 1523 days ago

A M A Z I N G JOB!! You are more than great!! Kisses from Argentina!! We love you down here! =) (Vanesa Parenti)

DCA120 1524 days ago

I would love to b uy your money. Why your 6 year old car have 45K miles and my 6 year old car has 111K miles?!

moorsteveo 1524 days ago

Tom, a brick wall for a view whilst editing LOL... oh well i suppose it keeps you focused on the job!

lenorablackburn 1524 days ago

Well I've been missing you and your wittyness! Please come out of the cave soon...thanks : )