iPhone hacker

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1879 days ago


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iulianhoratiuy 1618 days ago

Unlock your iPhone 4 at

thescragster 1779 days ago

Amazing work! Read about it at

masterchiri 1871 days ago

wow good job men thank you for your time to cancun

RossBuchanan46 1877 days ago

Does the jb work on a new 4.0 3GS that has never been jb before? Thx

hagaton 1877 days ago

what does it mean this screen?

zzxzzz112 1877 days ago


khoama 1877 days ago

Thank you for the hard work

dan_lewis_3 1877 days ago

good going :)

akadandee 1878 days ago

Thx a lot guys for your hard work, really appreciate it!! Hope you guys can release it this month :)

cellyboy_4bak 1878 days ago

Awesome, you are unlocking the iphone 4 and you are muscled, you rock!

kauepmacedo 1878 days ago

Obrigado (Thank You) from Brazil !!!

prostovanka 1878 days ago

Excited about future release. Job Well Done,Now take a break. Eat an Apple 8-)

jqtx 1878 days ago

don't listen to ipwnage. MuscleNerd said that the jailbreak is for "all" devices bootroms

chiensibut 1878 days ago

whatever that pic above mean, it always good sounds to me yay!!!

danny0098 1878 days ago

gd work !!
cant wait the new jailbreak :)

RossBuchanan46 1878 days ago

Awesome :)

RainingDesign 1878 days ago

Nice job!

mpfaraujo 1878 days ago

I see many W0W WAW WEW and i just cant stop thinking how many of those guys really knows what this photo means. gratz btw :-)

Nafrit 1878 days ago

thanks guys, You are the man!

howareyoumyboy 1878 days ago

east or west dev team is the best