LeToya Luckett


Hey ya'll! My new album, Lady Love is IN STORES NOW!

OMG!!!!!!! I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2297 days ago

OMG!!!!!!! I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET!!!!!!!!!!!!


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emeraldhand 2294 days ago

"LeToya, would you agree with me if i told you that you look like a million bucks?"

emeraldhand 2294 days ago

"LeToya, some of your digital twitpic's makes me think you've been in the school of royal fashion design."

emeraldhand 2296 days ago

"LeToya, nobody can cast an evil eye [eye of negativity has been digitall erase] upon you, you are wearing what is call... 'Satin Ruby Red' "

emeraldhand 2296 days ago

"LeToya, It looks like you just came out of a $90,000,000 dollar castle."

emeraldhand 2296 days ago

"Mirror Mirror (Illumination of LeToya), on the wall, who's the finest of them all ['looking in the face of royal inner beauty']?"

emeraldhand 2296 days ago

"LeToya you're smiling from ear-to-ear, now you got me [Michael laughs] smiling from ear-to-ear!"

emeraldhand 2296 days ago

"LeToya, that satin red dress is on the money."

In_Effect_Mode 2296 days ago

I sho hope you find a compatible mate, a GENTLEMAN...a modern southern gentleman at that lol

DaTruthTella 2297 days ago

Did ya have to knock sum ladies out of the way to get 2 it, or did it come right to you? Lol

R_Traci_Hunter 2297 days ago

You look wonderful & so happy to have caught the flowers!!!

foreverclassy89 2297 days ago

lol Yay!!! you look cute!!! : )

Lova_of_Luda 2297 days ago

hmmm ..... anyone in particular? I wonder.....

MissJhane 2297 days ago

Congrats!!! You're next.. loooovee your red dress!!

LeToyaNEWS 2297 days ago


MsManniCollier 2297 days ago

OMG you are so pretty love it your rockin my fav color.

kristiei219 2297 days ago

you are sooo beautiful.....congratulations on the bouquet!!

aka__mimi 2297 days ago

cute dress

KeithABrockman 2297 days ago

i guess that means we're getting married.... :-)