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Chalkbot VIP Message: Levi Leipheimer

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2338 days ago

Chalkbot VIP Message: Levi Leipheimer


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merisatje6 2337 days ago

ROCK 'em, Levi!!!!

Xenoclast 2337 days ago

Let 'er rip Levi - we're all pulling for you in my household!!! Especially my wife, Kathy the cancer survivor.

Mike in Folsom

Gregmarkovich 2337 days ago

Butte, America says Go, Levi, Go. I'll have my Montana flag on the and polka dot Speedo on top of the Tourmelet

Sailskibike 2337 days ago

Tucson, AZ says go Levi and Team Radioshack! Hope to see you in Tucson again!

DanGoese 2337 days ago

I'm bringing California state flag to Pau. Looking forward to seeing Lance & Co help you onto podium.

HalePinao 2337 days ago

Go Levi and all of Team Radio Shack. There is no I in team and you are all doing great. Hope it is your year.

Websissy63 2337 days ago

You are doing great Levi - such an inspiration!

cameroncoop 2337 days ago

The torch has been passed. Let's finish this and give american cycling its winner back!

stuartponder 2337 days ago

Go Levi. Ride hella strong.

ankosami 2337 days ago

Go levi go........kenyans are cheering you

usgazelles 2337 days ago

Great Stage 8! Enjoy France ... and win it for the USA!

howellhaus 2337 days ago

Go Levi... ride hard and pay no heed to the fat lady, even if she's singing !

kylefoxaustin 2337 days ago

awesome!. And Austin Texas has your back as well

egreshko 2337 days ago

Taiwan has your back too....

Gniyong 2337 days ago

I'm also cheering for you in south korea

KenMensio 2337 days ago

Go Levi! We are cheering for you in Texas.

scottlbartlett 2337 days ago

We're all rooting for you back home in Colorado.

grems8544 2337 days ago

That's awesome Levi!

suedayton 2337 days ago

Go Levi! I think yellow is your color!

reharrop 2337 days ago

Come Paris, you are my yellow jersey man !!