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Detienen a un aficionado que quiso acariciar la Copa del Mundo. #Ned  #Esp

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2209 days ago

Detienen a un aficionado que quiso acariciar la Copa del Mundo. #Ned #Esp


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unpana 2208 days ago


CostiaanN 2208 days ago

That kinda looks like a FAIL, pow right in da kisser

LeaLavelot 2208 days ago

How stupid is that.Did he actually think no one will see him?

cancerbero 2209 days ago

jajajaja, wena toma... :P

psi36 2209 days ago

Jimmy Jump is my hero! #worldcup
Looks like he wanted to put a cap on the cup.

Cleggfu 2209 days ago

Orange jacket guy says " JAZZ HANDS"

chrisfosson 2209 days ago

Is that Mike Modano?

MeltingIce 2209 days ago

Awesome photo, I love the face of the guy in the back too. Bet he didn't see that coming.

SolSoleBlue 2209 days ago

puta madre, ese si estaba LOOOOOOOCOOOOOO!

Psiconautico 2209 days ago

jaja enserio?!

yemser 2209 days ago

=O jajajaja

listeningbank 2209 days ago

I heart Jimmy Jump !!! So funny yet also such a tit XD

DifficultDiva 2209 days ago

Another idiot acting afool at the WC.

nikkyguerra 2209 days ago

they are so mean. he just wanted to touch the cup...

Mr_Mel_Man 2209 days ago


sendu2byrne 2209 days ago

Anti racism campaigner punched by skin head thug! Apartied is clearly alive and kicking!

Petertuckwell 2209 days ago

what a great tackle :)

MariaGabrielaHJ 2209 days ago

parece mentira -.-

wharfthecanary 2209 days ago

Fantastic Pic! ...& headwear.

skybluewaters12 2209 days ago

Very well done...good job.