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This little biotch ate an ENTIRE sausage off the kitchen counter this am!

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2381 days ago

This little biotch ate an ENTIRE sausage off the kitchen counter this am!


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Cusumano08c 2195 days ago

ethnocentric cashed Hi take a look at

me4oslav 2197 days ago

I love that "I did it,sorry,forgive me" pets look.Still this fellow an entire sasuge - WOW!

TheMishiuska 2361 days ago

Don't worry. It will all come out in the end!

kerfuffleish 2379 days ago

May have eaten your sausage, but too cute to get mad at. :)

cometojebus 2379 days ago

My bulldog has become a master thief, she takes whole plates off the counter so u can't hear em fall

leob1 2379 days ago

He has that "guilty puppy" look

jimmyjack900 2380 days ago

Aww is she a Cairn Terrier? So cute!

WilhelmHolden 2380 days ago

Smart and clever little Maggie, THE COUNTERTOP RAIDER! She knows that edible bliss exists just 36 inches off the floor!

sickchuck 2380 days ago

Get her back, try the kibbles and bit in a bowl of milk right in front of her. Biotch, part robot?

DonStau 2380 days ago

EAT THE DOG !!! (hot dog anyone??)

Elisa_Ashley 2380 days ago

It was for breakfast. It's okay. :)

AzelisWolf 2380 days ago

Woah, it's Schrodinger's Tail. Awesome exposure time.

nikkiguillette 2380 days ago

look at that FACE! She's saying "I loooooooooooove you. Don't be mad"

JediMom1138 2380 days ago

But she's so cute!

lilpandabr 2380 days ago

At least she looks sorry :P

milagrocharm 2380 days ago

haha she has the same mustache as jamie ;) ;)

5even 2380 days ago

Aw, Maggie is such a little trouble maker, someone has to be in that pack. Huxley is too sweet.

OMGOMGOMG42 2381 days ago

aaaaaw he looks so repentant!

Nuticek 2381 days ago

Aww, he's so cute <3 he knows, what he must to do in this situation ;)

stubblytoes 2381 days ago

"but i'm so cute!" its funny how sneaky pets can be when theyre loud the majority of the time