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2721 days ago


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eunhae123 2541 days ago

did u drop ur laptop! ur j key is missing wel....
my Q key is kind of missing.....wel....half way

chrsilee 2543 days ago

what the hell did you do to your keyboard?

anomieyoni 2614 days ago

Kev, I thought Mac keys lasted FO-EVA! :[ this makes me depressed, considering I'm on my Macbook right now, lol FAIL.

razalfazal 2673 days ago

wow kevin u fail lol CUP NOODLE 4 EVA

vanna_saefong 2678 days ago

your missing a letter H on your keyboard

INDIGOHAPPY 2694 days ago

lol gcoya, he must have to use the "j" button to log on to his youtube and stuff. and lol @ the ramen. nissin cow mein pwns.

styrofoamvoid 2694 days ago

What flavour Ramen, sir?

shiyingyang 2694 days ago

Ramen? Scoreeee

dv19 2695 days ago

copy and paste d-bag

Amiisito 2708 days ago

i see cup noodle, something a college kid would definitely eat

ImNickjames13 2715 days ago

Kev how do you write a paper with a missing J(?) key on you keyboard...?

dgc_morningstar 2718 days ago

only pros can do all of that on a saturday night :)

zoesstuff 2719 days ago

Youre an inspiration to my work week! :)

lingxd 2719 days ago

looks delicious =]

trinaxbee 2719 days ago

I just can't seem to eat cup noodles anymore. ack! i hate papers. what class was it for?

stepzphoto 2719 days ago

haha unique laptop and a college meal. perfection.

RustyNapkin 2719 days ago

Your broken Apple keyboard makes me cry on the inside haha. Cup Noodles are the way to go... unless you've had them 3 meals a day for weeks at a time...

blitzchamp 2720 days ago

cup noodles ftw

nerdypo0 2720 days ago

looks like
Don't you love finals?

cokamoto 2720 days ago

that looks...delicious?