Vienna Girardi


Invite for my party @Taobeach @lavolasvegas @hypnotiqnite #teamvienna.

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1818 days ago

Invite for my party #teamvienna.


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VienaSausageNOZ 1807 days ago

OMG! I'm like so hot! I'm gonna star in Charlize Angels with Sarah JParker & Jen Anniston!

lasangela 1808 days ago

Great pic.doesn't look like you.,but then again glamour shots do "enhance" & good 4 publicity.BAD

Maria_Esposto 1810 days ago

um her fame is helping people with her career. Jake's fame is just making him a douche. :)

hillbilybumpkin 1810 days ago

and jake was the "fame whore" ?

turptaylor 1815 days ago

u go girl! have fun! you look great.

ChelseaHeathh 1815 days ago

worthless fame whore.

jaxonkyler 1816 days ago

I'll be in town thru the 19th for my bday, what a better way to celebrate. Can I get a bday shot?

ccurry8826 1816 days ago

Thought u were against the whole fame wh*** thing. Color me confused....

risette1 1817 days ago

You go, girl! You need the PR to do your job and raise $$ for the charitable division of Biolustre, where you are heading up the oncology program, to help cancer survivors re-grow their hair after chemo. You have to smooze!

CanGirlEh 1817 days ago

Would be there if I could... if you like, contact me when you can come to Victoria in BC Canada!!

ladypisces55 1817 days ago

Beautiful pictur e Vienna,someone lost big time.Stay beautiful and don't be bitter:)

sardilorenzo 1817 days ago

I thought you weren't the "FAME WHORE" ...

d0min8rx 1817 days ago

Hell, embrace the fame while it lasts and have FUN! Don't do anything you might regret though. ;-)

Dreamin89 1817 days ago

After what u went thru with Jake the Snake, u deserve to have fun.....enjoy!!

x0chicax0 1817 days ago

your gorgeous! i love itt (:

SharonReid01 1817 days ago

Tenley did the same thing for her BIrthday party,than went on the Bachelor pad now back at work

wifetoalineman 1818 days ago

looking beautiful Vienna, enjoy your life as single and have fun

brandiltaylor 1818 days ago

Fame whore!

worknpray 1818 days ago

Funny, you claim Jake is a fame whore. Look at you!? Ulterior motives are showing. Go home.

FDHNYB 1818 days ago

You need to have one in Atlantic City before the summer ends, or Manhattan.