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1627 days ago


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Resgerr 1477 days ago

a trolly roundabout!

fluffybex 1552 days ago

LOL Trolly guy bored again huh?!

taluta 1601 days ago

THAT IS GOOD! The urban version of a crop circle :D

buzinator 1606 days ago

wish i'd thought of it, lol

hiscoresboards 1606 days ago

There's a metaphor for modern consumerism..... or alternatively just a load of trolleys

toe_moe 1607 days ago


himeshinra 1621 days ago


Snoozingkitten 1623 days ago


_gu1do_ 1624 days ago

You need more than 1 coin. To start you need a second freed trolley to get your coin out of the first, so you need £2. But when you finish, you can get both coins back, so no net cost.

mooremusicbiz 1624 days ago

Now that is what I call a perfectly acceptable use of ones time. That, and exfoliating.

Paula_Python 1624 days ago

I left the bike inside... damn!

PottiJo 1624 days ago

Hahahahahahahaha excellent!

wackosearch 1625 days ago

Perhaps that's why they rarely travel in a straight line, when pushed!

MahlerMad 1625 days ago

Doesn't look just like Wimbledon's No.1 Court? Brilliant.

preciouspebble 1625 days ago

Haha, that's great.

Jan121C 1625 days ago

I lurv to see a responsibly parked trolly 8v)

kay_brokenangel 1625 days ago

lol legand who had time to do that :D

buyinglife 1625 days ago

That must have taken a lonnnnnnng time to set up.

MelitaW17 1625 days ago

How fab is that = someone must have been very bored today!!

wildosca 1625 days ago

The things Fry gets up too, People think he spends all his time doing talks and helping out charities.