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LeBron jersey burning outside BW3s in Akron.

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1602 days ago

LeBron jersey burning outside BW3s in Akron.


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ericrock1987 1599 days ago

He went from leader to follower.

TBland_ESPN24 1601 days ago

Lakers Bitches hahahahahahaah

Mister4te 1602 days ago

The hell? Lebron was a team player. He will always love his home. Dont diss him cause he made a decision for himself.

MyCool_Jordans 1602 days ago

Time to win a championship in Miami and thats what he deserves take it on the chin it was his decision

MyCool_Jordans 1602 days ago

LeBron was the best thing to happen to yall appreciate it the management couldnt help him he gone

btsander 1602 days ago

LeBaby won't bring you a championship but he'll sure blame the rest of the team for it.

btsander 1602 days ago

OMG... you're an idiot and if you don't understand why people are upset, you have no business commenting.

MyCool_Jordans 1602 days ago

Stop crying yall selfish he played hard for yall get over it yall immature and im glad he left smdh!

JAKEBAKE40 1602 days ago

Great photo! Is my wallpaper on my phone iPod computer and will be in my room!!!!

LittleB00ty__ 1602 days ago

that would have been worth hella money you dummies!!

Juansimon18 1602 days ago

WTF?? Burning LeBrons jersey is inmature. He played with his heart for you for 7 years don't forget that !

sparfitt08 1602 days ago

I still can't believe all of this over some basketball player. He's just another celeb, take it as that.

SassyBombshell_ 1602 days ago

Like usher said , " Let It Burn " lmao

iFranky305 1602 days ago

That's sad bruh. That ain't cool. But IDFC, LJ23 on my team now!

HacketeroHL 1602 days ago

burnnnnnn burnnnnnnnnn, It be funny that cavs win 2011 championship without lebron lmao that will be irony

Itsjay850 1602 days ago

HAHA! Cleveland, why you mad though?

ikenj 1602 days ago

Money wasted...smh

PatriciaKellogg 1602 days ago

LEBRON = Lame. Egotistical. Boring. Ridiculous. Obnoxious. Narcissistic.

SEXY6614 1602 days ago

Their real colors are coming out. People are mad because hes going to MIA. Its his business and he has a right to go where ever the FCK he wants. Congrats Lebron, my new team MIA and the Celtics.

NewMillionaire 1602 days ago

He gave AKRON lots of LOVE!!!!<scholarships donated!!