music gumbo moves me......hip rock, funk and soul, gonna watch this party grow, let's go!!!!!

Found this little (big) dude in Knoxville today....he was kinda intimidating, like a mini dinosaur!!

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2046 days ago

Found this little (big) dude in Knoxville today....he was kinda intimidating, like a mini dinosaur!!


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kellenabner 2020 days ago

You must've been brave to hold him. I would've ran away screaming like a little girl.

nana103056 2035 days ago

Looks like a dung beetle (they roll balls of poop) hope you washed you hands!!!!!!!!!!

_JesusFanatic_ 2038 days ago

He's HUGE! :D (And ugly.) Definitely intimidating (especially if he had fangs).

ffte 2042 days ago

we call those Christmas beetles in Australia, except they are a golden colour.

kikicienta 2045 days ago

Eek! That's pretty icky--don't think I would've picked it up lol God bless :)

carrie2091 2045 days ago Hey I had dance floor tickets to the show and gave them to family. They LOVED your show. In fact the Big balled guy caught you when you crowd dove...he is a pastor. Said he could write that on his resume' now. hehe

Brookalicious_ 2046 days ago

That's Knoxville for ya! You killed it tonight! You really moved the place! God showed himself throught you and chris! I loved it, come back for another concert soon! (:

JeannieThyroff 2046 days ago

oh yuck!!

fuzzy_feet 2046 days ago

You need to put some lotion on your hands! They look dry! Oh.. cool picture by the way :)

JCinSC 2046 days ago

Nope, not a Goliath beetle, a "tumble bug", aka a dung beetle. He's a BIG'un! Beautiful!

angelstars1 2046 days ago

Yikes ! Glad you handled him well . I'd of stomped on that sucker or ran .

XO_AJ 2046 days ago

Those things can hurt a little when they grab you with the pinchy mandables...

Lxilovestoby 2046 days ago

Where did you find it? And why would you pick it up?!?!

FreakyJesusDude 2046 days ago

Wow. That's kinda creepy. Haha!

MsArtFreakk 2046 days ago

You were in Knoxville! come to Grundy!!!

B_ReithRelientK 2046 days ago

haha cool. x) uhhh its a beetle. Goliath beetle?