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An actual BP board game from the 1970s.

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2122 days ago

An actual BP board game from the 1970s.


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qoxdoxobxop 1610 days ago


staceylynne00 2120 days ago

I see BP's ways of making everything into a game is not a new thing.

sensrule92 2122 days ago

I guess the name "Risk" was already taken ...

AllisonHagen 2122 days ago

The actual rules state that the first player to make $120,000,000 is the winner -- and this was in the 1970s.

arlenecharris 2122 days ago

"no one could have forseen this accident... except our toy division 40 yrs ago" #BP

achampag 2122 days ago

you have got to be shitting me!

joshuwain 2122 days ago

File this under "Things that can make an atheist say 'Sweet Mary Mother of God'!"

theshenerd 2122 days ago

You'd think they could stop the leak and clean things up faster after practicing on this so long.

connorclark21 2122 days ago