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Better watch your mouth... "Give me One Reason"

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1627 days ago

Better watch your mouth... "Give me One Reason"


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jjesa81297 1623 days ago

nice i need one of those lol

MaggieHarden 1623 days ago

That pic totally kicks ass! Rock on girl! :)

ShawnyaSays 1624 days ago


NopalChicca 1625 days ago

wooooow lovely pic!

ClinteAndrew 1625 days ago

haha Cool Pic Tinsel..

Addicted_oncer 1625 days ago

Tinsel you're so badass! You're my role model and such an awesome person

IGotLucky_x 1626 days ago

Hey Tinsel you are my inspiration and the reason why soon I'm going to start acting. What movie are you working on at the moment? And any words of advice to get started in the acting business?

mandadawn1440 1627 days ago

holy hell this is hot!! love it tinsel!!

Darlin_Girl 1627 days ago

well! i better watch my back!!!

ImmaWolfGirl 1627 days ago

Wow Your One Bad Ass Compared to Being Sweet Loving Emily. Me Likey. :D

_salChani_ 1627 days ago

..ooo.. I'm lovin this shot!! ..intimidating!! :)

ChelseaHudgens 1627 days ago

oh wow .... loveeee it

joyalinn 1627 days ago

that is awesome!

LunaSkyFire 1627 days ago

nice that is so bada$$

WeirdMaggot 1627 days ago


TwiSagaReality 1627 days ago

Love it! Tough gal! :)

QuileuteWolfPak 1627 days ago

(Kat) Can't wait to see the movie!!

Black_Pack 1627 days ago

that's pretty badass

AvyJazy 1627 days ago

Heavy Pic ^_^

Twilight_Spice 1627 days ago

Wow u look great