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You know... the Eat It guy.

I hope she never regrets getting that Weird Al tramp stamp… #ThinkBeforeYouTattoo

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2043 days ago

I hope she never regrets getting that Weird Al tramp stamp… #ThinkBeforeYouTattoo


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FreeAsMyHair3 2013 days ago

im gonna go to that tatto palot realy quick kay.... why ... to get weird als signature on my back

markrijans 2022 days ago

"Weird Al"
was here

13wHiTeRoSeS 2030 days ago

So, your plumber is a woman?

FanGirlKris 2036 days ago

are you guys sure that's a she?

LilyPLil 2040 days ago

And I thought you had gotten off the crack.

FreeAsMyHair3 2040 days ago

ew uhhg puecs in mouth....... thts discusting ... she doesnt deserve a weird al tatto :p lol

Mascab37 2040 days ago

And I thought I was a Weird Al fan.

SoopDuJoor 2041 days ago

If I were you Mr. Yankovic, I'd be offended.

kaffy 2041 days ago

wtf. thats disgusting. LOL

trav 2042 days ago

And she'll never get doggy-style again... except with Weird Al.


Interesting the things we do, not something I would do. Cracks me up

chrisakavern 2042 days ago

Ahhhh my eyes, my eyes...

RedDeadRenee 2042 days ago

woah. xD

HelenOE 2042 days ago

Gonna go out on a limb and say this one didn't start with an autograph.

NielsOveres 2042 days ago

Yeah, that really cracks me up.

FuelTheFlames 2042 days ago

Pass the mind-bleach plzkthx

k1fwk 2042 days ago

I'm all for Weird Al tattoos, and have a few in mind for myself, but this is just wrong..

AndreaKay1984 2042 days ago

Please pass the Purell....

Dragonfyre67 2042 days ago

hmm, after seeing this i may have to rethink about getting the same thing on my man parts

MillyAMK 2043 days ago

110% sure that's a dude, Al.