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artie nielson on warehouse 13

So glad to be alive in the Warehouse!

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1877 days ago

So glad to be alive in the Warehouse!


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luvtoyou 1815 days ago

Another one of my fav show's! (=

iKeralot 1823 days ago

Every week I think the same thing...I WANT THAT CHAIR!

pablowapsi 1861 days ago

I love the detail of the grip's sandbags to hold your chair still. =) Happy that you made it!

Dommer 1866 days ago

Glad you made it, so are there probs with chairs rolling around on their own in the warehouse lol

ScifiFanFics 1871 days ago

Never any doubt sir! :)

martijaxn 1871 days ago

"what?!, please."

CinSensei 1871 days ago

And apparently they don't let you tweet from there????

3Cat_Queen 1873 days ago

The Warehouse would be lost without Artie. Welcome Back!

AndErZ72 1875 days ago

i waaaaaaaant that keyboard!!

virtadpt 1876 days ago that a life preserver around the base of the chair?

jottoh 1876 days ago

For some reason...this pic evokes memories of my Grandpa's office in the backroom of his Texico service station in the late 50's. Hey...where is the soda machine?

SPCWriter 1877 days ago

Hmm, how do we know that's you and not MacPherson using the thimble? haha, just joking. :)

JadeyWeb 1877 days ago

So glad Artie's alive! (My sister actually guessed how he could have survived. I had to buy her dinner, but it was worth the price!)

jennyleefromTN 1877 days ago

Completely random, but, love your shoes!

Hawkeyepearce 1877 days ago

Are you sure James Macpherson is not alive?

RealCarolynD 1877 days ago

There would be no Warehouse without Artie! I'm thrilled to see you back on the job :-D

VGoob 1877 days ago

#Warehouse13 has as many possible eventualities as Dr. Who. I hope it goes on just as long.

sirlarryfleming 1877 days ago

Glad to see Artie back at work!

SteelToad 1877 days ago

Glad to see, but now I want to see the explanation :)

RebeccaDu 1877 days ago

And the rest of us are very glad too!