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The front page of today's Express is a disgrace, the comments by Lord Rodger witless http://j.mp/bwJ06R

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1970 days ago

The front page of today's Express is a disgrace, the comments by Lord Rodger witless http://j.mp/bwJ06R


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elmsyrup 1970 days ago

I know this is dreadful, but it's also hilarious.

LiamGodden 1970 days ago

They put the comma in the wrong place: "By Alison Little Deputy, Political Editor"?

gigigisele 1970 days ago

Eat ur heart out...America! The brits R the Kings when it cum 2 publicity..lol..g

Themichaelhardy 1970 days ago

"Have your say" is unavailable for this story. How typical that there is no right to reply

jegwon 1970 days ago

what mean ,

cjr1968 1970 days ago

At least Lord Rodger meant well. The Express, on the other hand...

DAMIAN___B 1970 days ago

lol Kylie concerts! ftw

bloggerheads 1970 days ago

Yes, it's real. Here's a version hosted by the Express for any doubters: http://j.mp/aE1ym4

ThatRedBear 1970 days ago

Is this photoshopped - or is that seriously the sub headline?

bloggerheads 1970 days ago

NEW POST -> GayTV: Richard Desmond loves cock (for cash) http://j.mp/bDqOPh

chriscookmagic 1970 days ago

This is horrific! The PCC should step in and say enough is enough with homophobic tabloids.

BeckyTempstairs 1970 days ago

Wait, they're laughing at the thought of protecting people who might get killed if they're gay?!

MrFrenzyPlant 1970 days ago

Who fucking cares? Anyone offended by this is just over-sensetive. Ignore them and let them fester in their intolerance.

PatrickNeylan 1970 days ago

Given that the Express is homophobic and anti-immigration, this is balanced and even humorous.

zefrog 1970 days ago

Perhaps they should starting fighting for gay rights where there aren't any, if they don't want gay asylum seekers in the UK...

Morgadon 1970 days ago

What happened to common sense?

singingbathmatt 1970 days ago

what is this?

aethel 1970 days ago

'Why do they have to turn off our radios?' - whine, whinge, moan and gripe.

bloggerheads 1970 days ago

I'm sure complaint to PCC will result in Express pointing out they based it on words of a judge

mikelinny 1970 days ago

Its political incorrectness gone mad. must have ran out of Diana stories so just went apeshit