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I guess this is what a 75 minute steak looks like.

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2388 days ago

I guess this is what a 75 minute steak looks like.


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signeleimonte 2387 days ago

eww..that doesnt even look like steak.. :D

rinakatase 2387 days ago

Mahaha yammy steak! :D

JackBuccella 2387 days ago

haha yea back in San Antonio you'd get a Big 'Ol Steak, not something shitty like that XD

RoccoDeFreshka 2388 days ago

Are those magic mushrooms on the top?!

MikeModano99 2388 days ago

aaa I am so hungry :-D

darkfetisha 2388 days ago

Dude. Come to Texas and I'll give you a REAL steak worth the price!

Tiklxoxo 2388 days ago

are you kidding me

TGWNSA 2388 days ago

Looks good but not worth the wait

danerbbb 2388 days ago


cstylz 2388 days ago

Umm I guess well-done X 60?

blatalianbarbie 2388 days ago

wtf smh is that like a corner of a bigger steak?

Irene0212 2388 days ago

i m just having my morning caffe latte on the other side of planet earth...well,i lost my appetite!! :(

XxHorrorFanxX 2388 days ago

Looks like there's maggots on top of that steak.

Gdxonik 2388 days ago

I could of cook that shit in 5 min.
next time give me a call you dick.

george___3 2388 days ago

so thats what a 5inch long $200 steak looks like. nicee

superpinklips 2388 days ago

WTF?? This steak is tiny!!

Janelle2015 2388 days ago

WTF??? 75 min??? i agree with .......i ope it was worth it ;)

rumm0 2388 days ago

LOLFAIL nvm take 75mins to finish this one while uve ordered another one =p

IamDavidLyons 2388 days ago

You should go and smack the chef with that steak :)

Malvina05 2388 days ago

hope its worth the 75 mins