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The only way out is through.

Has anyone seen this girl ?

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2122 days ago

Has anyone seen this girl ?


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Bankie8 2014 days ago

Beautiful girl, great voice, wonderfull sence of style, she rocks!

ADRIANAC9882 2088 days ago

i love gwen

JhowRossdale 2091 days ago

cat cat cat i love gwen stefani!!!

SoulDosage 2117 days ago

She's Beautiful, Stylish, and Rockin! Just like you G! Except your Handsome ;)

kristin8087 2121 days ago


OurHeartsIgnite 2121 days ago


Englishian 2121 days ago

Beautiful :)

Xeniasuxx 2121 days ago

she makes me smile <3

steffo___O 2121 days ago

The luckiest girl on the planet! Mrs. Rossdale! :)

GGNDRiRock 2121 days ago

This is bloody awesome :D :D and no, haven't seen her or you :''(((

veadairavani 2121 days ago

Umm.. she looks familar. Nah, just kidding! Cute picture ! Tell Gwen we love her! And we love you

TheDaveShow 2121 days ago

This kind of life is gettin' expensive. D-Land aint cheap.

joeyishellagood 2121 days ago

Your wife is so cute!!! Lucky man ;)

CraigPoliner 2121 days ago

AWWWWWWW! She looks so pretty in this pic! You two are the cutest couple ever!

rossdalerocker 2121 days ago

How sweeeeet !! U r such a great person to share these pics with everyone ;)

bubbletoed 2121 days ago

No doubt they have! At Disneyland!

GabFrance 2121 days ago

SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!

1DoorOpens 2121 days ago

Absolute beauty

MartinDoerinGER 2121 days ago

she wears that monroe-makeup

DemBLucy42 2121 days ago

Best Alice of All the AAlice's of alice history world- her & Katy Perry. So Gwen. Wonderwhy ur baby heads glows so bright...seems like a smarty pants 2 auntie. Love ya GuyZ Bell