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Regarding bunnies

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2347 days ago

Regarding bunnies


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E_chin 2266 days ago

obvious operative is obvious!

ccdsmith 2333 days ago

never trust a bunny! Never trust a bunny!

niellemc 2339 days ago

don't forget the eyesight b/c of all those carrots #BunniesBunniesItMustBeBunnies!

AtOurGates 2342 days ago

How is this not a limited edition print‽ I Demand Special Ops Bunnies On My Wall!111

PeelaPom 2347 days ago

My squadron of bunnies will be bad asss.....

acour_jeroen 2347 days ago

...and what's with all the carrots? What do they need such good (night) eye-sight for anyway?

PedroFaneca 2347 days ago

Never underestimate the power of a Bunny. They will outskill Solid Snake & Sam Fisher in seconds.

LittleJuiceBox1 2347 days ago

My Wizard Pendragon bunny is in stealth mode for treats

AgentAnony 2347 days ago

Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes.

rdisTech 2347 days ago

They already have "pellet power".

ninekeysdown 2347 days ago

Thank You, this has turned my day around. Now I am slightly happier.

antontiru 2347 days ago

Mini Jet turbine + Butcher Knife + Parakeet = Supersonic Flying Death Blade

stron003 2347 days ago

Looks like Anya was right.

MilitiaJim 2347 days ago

They will murder you in your sleep for a Cheez-It.

ikepigott 2347 days ago

Don't get me started on how a bunny can use a carrot for unsanctioned interrogation.

DicksOak_ 2347 days ago

Adorable! :D

jacki_man 2347 days ago

Ha Ha, yes to true :))

Stephanie__S 2347 days ago

don't you mean..."special hops" lulululul

1391110278 2347 days ago

cute ^_^