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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

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1783 days ago


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Killuminati322 1751 days ago

This is for all the real mothafuckin niggas out there
I know you ain't scared to die
We all gotta go, ya know ?
A real motherfucker will pick the time he goes
And make sure he handles his motherfuckin business
Y'all niggas stop acting like pussies out the

JustinLikesMen 1782 days ago

lmao just shows they aint no nigs over there

biebsgasm 1783 days ago

CRAZY !! :0 i love u dogg

X_Jazzy_Yazzy_X 1783 days ago

ABSOLUTLY AMAZIN!!! Cant Wait For The Next One :) x

_maryrose__ 1783 days ago

aw i ddnt kno u was in dublin :( wish i was der

brnsugar_in_bos 1783 days ago

My last name is Irish what does that mean? It means I have Family in Ireland I've never met : o

brnsugar_in_bos 1783 days ago

Who would have ever thought U would have this many white fans overseas and around the world! Smh

imdoinme2 1783 days ago

do that:):)

dumbd0rk 1783 days ago

Ahh..I wish i were there :( i didnt know you were coming!

BrenX13 1783 days ago

Hey Snoop hook an Irish guy up with some votes,

DermoMIO 1783 days ago

neither Dublin, Ireland

RockMafia_Arg 1783 days ago

ooHH Gosh Snoop is Wonderful!!! :)

nicoleosbornee 1783 days ago

loove it ;D <3

KishaSODMG 1783 days ago

r u in dublin, cali or uk? lol