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5 stitches and a pimpin' Ryan Air exit row. I am smiling on the inside, really.

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2152 days ago

5 stitches and a pimpin' Ryan Air exit row. I am smiling on the inside, really.


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thejoelstein 2151 days ago

The Tour is less fun without you. Can't believe Garmin went Ryan Air. I'm talking to PomWonderful

bibupoes 2151 days ago

I can't decide which side is more attractive :)

TdFLanterne 2152 days ago

Ouch! Best wishes for some good RnR!

Tashariffic 2152 days ago

Bummed that I don't get to watch you in the rest of the race. But I'm feeling like 2011 is all about VDV in the TdF! Take care.

Steefjepeefje 2152 days ago

Are you winking at me????

RonaldRoubos 2152 days ago

See you soon!

JeniForsyth 2152 days ago

have a beer! you deserve it!

higski 2152 days ago

Sad you are out! All things happen for a purpose, enjoy the ride!

wwwbikerider 2152 days ago

the scars of war...see you on the road soon ..

PaulLouisville 2152 days ago

so sorry you anit there! next year , my friend ,next year

qazanostra 2152 days ago

don't worry, you're alive, it's most important

cujof16 2152 days ago

Suck. But at least you got an exit with noone really large next to you...

jpbegood 2152 days ago

Keep smiling. Still in the race!

Vino_Velo_Vinyl 2152 days ago

Ryan Air? Surely you've suffered enough already...

linstampersgat 2152 days ago

ouch...Well as some famous person (really cant recall who it was) once said: "every winner has scars"

ariamsita 2152 days ago


mrslevite 2152 days ago

Ouch! But so much for symmetry.

reharrop 2152 days ago

Eye looks ..nasty, but don't cough or laugh too much ! Broke my ribs once and can sympathise.

inesruud 2152 days ago

:\ Poor Christian

Teneriftraining 2152 days ago

Keep your head up Christian !!