iPhone hacker

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1973 days ago


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hagaton 1965 days ago

any update ?

thereal_francis 1965 days ago

They cant put it out before, otherwise apple will find what they did and block it on the update

thereal_francis 1965 days ago

They haven't released it yet because of the new update apple is about to push (4.0.1)

DrMastoi 1966 days ago

waitng tounlock i phone 4

RealJosueAcosta 1969 days ago

umm, hey everyone I got a question how are we suppose to use the iphone 4 with other carriers sim is to small?

swoosh0217 1970 days ago

Wow! I'm excited since I just bought myself an iPhone 4.

nkarshev 1970 days ago

.. shut up, these guys doing this for free, you will w8, if you don't want to w8 just use factory unlocked and don't jailbreak

& Dev-Team good work guys keep it up ::))

CPUKILLERGSM 1971 days ago

why is it taking too long for u geniuses to elease this jailbreak and moreover as usual jailbreak used to come first and unlock later this time unlocks strategy has changed somewhat but anyways u guys doing great for all the people lets wait for comex s

lekogamba 1971 days ago

Thanks all for what they you doing. Nice work. Congratulations!

hagaton 1971 days ago

hello! Thanks for doing this unlock job !

iMattv4 1971 days ago

Millions of people will be screwed if they release 2 soon. Apple will update their stock to already patch the jailbreak.

iMattv4 1971 days ago

Guys, I meant wait for Apple to "fix" all these issues in seperate updates, that's what they will do

mach_kernel 1971 days ago

to all who are impatient; shit isn't easy. kudos to team; reminds me of my commodore cracking days!

spinalc0rd 1971 days ago

Hopefully you release this jailbreak as soon as. Who knows wen apple will update FW no point waitin

keywc 1971 days ago

Yeah. Unlock is easier than hacktivation.
So i don't think they will hacktivate the iphone4, but...

Shintsu2 1972 days ago

Can't wait I need this so I can use my 3GS on iOS4!(Don't have SHSH blobs to revert and I'm on iOS4)

cutmicrosim 1972 days ago

Woo! Can't wait till I can use my tmobile account with my iPhone 4!

lcoleman005 1972 days ago

The new firmware doesn't fix reception issue. Only mask the problem. Waste of time to wait.

hans0ndr 1972 days ago

is already waiting until after the Apple update for release, no worries

chiensbut 1972 days ago

iMattv4 WTF man?