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Bff luv!

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2302 days ago

Bff luv!


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ooa747 2300 days ago

GrazyDreamyGirl Shut your mouth

AmySunshine222 2302 days ago

haha nice pic you too look pretty

Grazy_Mesquita 2302 days ago

I Really Luv you and Nene =D . Friendship is one of the best feelings that God created! *-*

Grazy_Mesquita 2302 days ago

ooa747 Says:
"are you lesbian ? sorry for about my talk" -WHAT?????? Are you Crazy MAN????? >= [

KarlaEjojo 2302 days ago

awww sooo cute :D
really like your friendship with Nene (: is a true friendship <3

ooa747 2302 days ago

are you lesbian ? sorry for about my talk

itsjustclaudiaf 2302 days ago

I love this pic :) I love how u both love each other, you girls are a great example...don't ever lose this amazing friendship you have got. "True friends" are hard to find but u did find each other and this makes me happy :)

GeMini_TeamJo 2302 days ago

So cute! I wanna be your best friend.

HollaItsVC 2302 days ago

nice pic jojo...i love it

ryeamei_ 2302 days ago

Luv u jojo

DestineeXOXO 2302 days ago

follow me on twitter pleeeasssee :D ! Your voice is amazing andd your beautiful . Im Jealous ! lol <3

_JuliaOrtega_ 2302 days ago

Awhhh :)

mayrafir 2302 days ago cutee

ICONicFever1999 2302 days ago


xchelsyxo 2302 days ago

miss your music Jo Jo, :(

juanmiguelarias 2302 days ago

You're in 8th place! :-D -->

SuckMyCheerio 2302 days ago

Martin Luther king would be soo proud! Lol!

Bree_Arriaga 2302 days ago

I love that picture :), I also kiss my friends like that :D:D:D♥

imLadiieKay 2302 days ago

and 2nd to comment :) yehh boii !! hahha cutee !!

JDBNationWide 2302 days ago

this reminds me of when u were 15.(: ur so pretty<33