Sara Bareilles


Me in the middle of turbulence. On my way to new york. See you there? I hope?

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2304 days ago

Me in the middle of turbulence. On my way to new york. See you there? I hope?


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cRosKy 2296 days ago

hahaha <3 love ya.

Manuel_Gmz_Sz 2300 days ago


F_Blue_ENT 2300 days ago

Oh, man. It looks like you have to take a big crapper...or already

puprocker5 2302 days ago

Dont worry, i know you are already there in 1 piece. Missed your show in Chicago, pls come back?

ernest129 2303 days ago

LOL! <3 Oh I wish, maybe some other time :)

Pollo_Loco_ 2303 days ago

Digging the lighting. Is this one of the planes where the flight attendants are drag queens?

RealCookieDude 2303 days ago

OMG! someone using ipad on the plane that's why there turbuence ! oh it's just pilot looking at porn it's ok have great time in NYC. ;)

anyflowers 2304 days ago

your face ^^ LOL King of anything is interesting :) Great girl!

FaNaTiCaLSouL 2304 days ago

Are you coming to see me in Michigan?

danm969 2304 days ago

And you keep asking "Who needs angels"... hahaha Kidding... you're gonna be fine! Much love from Brazil.

lupinko 2304 days ago

I concur with the previous comment, you have great comedic timing =)

michellepalumbo 2304 days ago

baahahaaa your expression is hilarious!!!!

jennabryson 2304 days ago

Turbulence? Just do like Megan Fox: listen to Britney Spears and, FOR SURE, you will not crash.

bullish4life 2304 days ago

Hay Sara, Dig your new song!..What's on your iPod?

blaruss 2304 days ago

Oh you lucky... Big hugs from Hungary ;) <3

xncampos 2304 days ago

Nice... Virgin America. Can't beat it!

iKaysi 2304 days ago

Have a nice trip!. . .^_^

delkey 2304 days ago

what kind of trendy airplane are you on that has neon pink lighting??

Biia_sb 2304 days ago

don't worry sweetheart, we're all here with you (L) haha much love from Brazil

fadecy 2304 days ago

Epic face.