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1626 days ago


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indilflo 1621 days ago

I'm helping MErkus cause by clicking repeatedly on my F5 button, you shoul do thAT TOO U_รน

vwheel 1622 days ago

yeah yeah yeah!!! vxxxx

JaredofMo 1624 days ago

Marcus now has more views than Aidan. You're welcome.

Lionesskeeper 1624 days ago

YAY Marcus. All hail the makeup meistro of epic awesomeness

RachelIvens 1626 days ago

No, I didn't just press refresh a few hundred times... oh dear.

FoxyLorri64 1626 days ago

lol.oh no as I am here the viewing figure is now 666!!! Arghhhh,thats my funny

FoxyLorri64 1626 days ago

The look say's it all, the views are risinggg!! lol

Rebekahdg 1626 days ago

557! Let's beat down that good looking, hairy chested... oh forget it gonna go look at him now!

Dorina335 1626 days ago

Hello to another lovely boy..also looking thinner...what's going on in Cardiff !

FoxyLorri64 1626 days ago

445!!! Ohhh lol..

indilflo 1626 days ago

422!! Yay! MArcus!

FoxyLorri64 1626 days ago

381 views,oooo your catching up with Mr Turner's views

joooos1 1626 days ago

Another great pic! Thanks Mr. Pilling! xx

FoxyLorri64 1626 days ago

LOL..hi Marcus,you look froze in time!!*hugs*

VeraHarris 1626 days ago


angloirishgal 1626 days ago

Hey Marcus...good to see you again! You going to be in S3 by any chance? :)

pirate_moose 1626 days ago

*waves* Hello Marcus! :D