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lulululu8 1387 days ago

i see it!!!!! its the "take a picture with me so i can post it on twitter so everyone can see we r "happy" smile" :))))))

lulululu8 1393 days ago

ashgadkiss is ur real name or should we call u venneer leeann? hahah

ashgadkiss 1393 days ago


DianaJoy 1394 days ago

Love you two!!!

brownieyes 1749 days ago

Asking her back as a smug home-wrecker w/wisdom tweets is the funniest thing ever!!!!! Well said!!!!!! Will she come back when Eddie cheats & leaves her?!

LeannRimes_is 1752 days ago

Veneer Rimes, come back. We miss your smug homewrecker wisdom tweets!!!!

LeannRimes_is 1753 days ago

Kathyj2 1755 days ago

Eddie & LeAnn you make a great looking couple. Stick together and be true to each other .
All the best to you.

TheyCallHerKelc 1756 days ago

So sweet! I wish you guys nothing but the best!! :D

LeannRimes_is 1756 days ago

Leann, it's "you're" Hope "you're well" in a sentence. damn uneducated veneer wearing country bumpkin

LeannRimes_is 1756 days ago

Not to be mean, but Leann looks like she has Downs, no?

LeannRimes_is 1756 days ago

LMFAO , someone just commented, Mr & Mrs Leann Rimes. Yeah, got that right, poor Eddie outta a job and being supported by Veneer Rimes.

LeannRimes_is 1756 days ago

VENEERS...all I c r Veneers. Liked her real teeth better.

eintwo 1756 days ago

ahh happiness Mr and MRS Leann Rimes

Lindsay_Hecker 1756 days ago

Aww so sweet!!!

Davidk555 1756 days ago

So glad life finds you two so happy , Can't wait for the new Album & live shows !

Big_Blonde1992 1756 days ago

way too cute it is most deffently happiness lucky you get to see him smile all the time me an my sister are in love with his smile the demples help