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I sing and play guitar for the Classical quartet 'We The Kings' Yes, it is fun. One day, I'm gonna be in a movie :)

It's goin down tonight!!!

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2392 days ago

It's goin down tonight!!!


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Saruuhsaurus 2389 days ago

YES love the new..backdrop thingy

checkyesalanna 2390 days ago

wow you guys are actually going all out with the whole "W" symbol! it looks good though

maggeronii 2392 days ago

the stage in new york looked slightly better... only because it was here :)

laurlaur888 2392 days ago

loveeee. haha and someone has new drums...

Mookie_SammieJ 2392 days ago

In ventura I could barely see the gang sign:(
You guys but on amazing set, I bet TX was awesome cause of the Rain:)

Shalfanonzo 2392 days ago

The banner is so cool! I hope you guys have it for WT in Indy :)

AimeeLoav 2392 days ago

Mexico needs WTK

thisbamanshouse 2392 days ago

Love the WTK sign!

Sammy_atl 2392 days ago

caption should be "wish you were here"

lamebin 2392 days ago

my biggest wish? be there.

OrlaShortyDemi 2392 days ago


thetinzstaah 2392 days ago


NachaJSP 2392 days ago

beautiful! *big heart* wish i were there :c

Melissahtims 2392 days ago

is super excited about tonight!!! cant wait for the show tonight :-)

MsFerValenzuela 2392 days ago

Hermoso ♥!

Gingemeatsix 2392 days ago

omgomgomg !!!!!!!!!

porrarafaela 2392 days ago

come to BRAZIL!

AmandaArchie 2392 days ago

ooooooh i love the new backdrop! ♥

antonieart 2392 days ago

bueeenisima ! saludoos -

OrlaShortyDemi 2392 days ago

ahhhhhhhh LOVE IT!!!!!