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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Me hanging out in Jim Breuer's mom's basement doing radio.

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2604 days ago

Me hanging out in Jim Breuer's mom's basement doing radio.


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TMA2 2601 days ago

is he nipping through a sweatshirt?

EStikna 2602 days ago

rape kit and crawlspace Fridays on raw dog?

jakeryan63 2603 days ago

That was a great show, Jim has a great gig. Get em' hammer

MikeLops 2604 days ago

is this only non glass studio Sirius has lol

ITIScott 2604 days ago

Hey Op. Did you crush on that mini hoop behind Jim?

m1hoff 2604 days ago

Is this Opie's 1st secret show?

j10s 2604 days ago

That's a sweet gig to sit in a basement and do legit radio

MitchInTexas 2604 days ago

Get him to sing, Screaming for Vengenance.

TruckingJames 2604 days ago

Maaa!! Maaa!!! I;m doing radio with Opie!! :-)
Sweet, man!

teenrave 2604 days ago

Breur is awesome! Love the constant stoned look! the man is genius

RedMonkeyStuff 2604 days ago

Ok, wait...could I just get a couple mics and a laptop and I could be a radio star on Sirus XM Radio?

NoWaeJose 2604 days ago

i don't care about what you fools say, that's a pretty nice basement.... it could have been the "it puts the lotion on" basement

csknoll 2604 days ago

That is simultaneously one of the coolest and saddest things I've heard.

jojo5051 2604 days ago

way to go high tech with all that SNL money, i think Fred from Brooklyn has a better set up.

bsteiner2 2604 days ago

Love the Greg & Tonny Show, but, love Opie more. Not in a Gay Way!

DJLT1 2604 days ago

Hopefully Breuer won't eat any grapes down there. Ling......

jjr007 2604 days ago

I guess this is better than spinning records

jjr007 2604 days ago

I guess this us better than spinning records

jackiedavala 2604 days ago

bringing back the old days?

Freakabilly 2604 days ago

tryin out new partners? it's the Greg and Breuer Show, The Greg and Breuer Show. Lingy long.. y