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Kids are soaked!

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2191 days ago

Kids are soaked!


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ashley4realz46 2190 days ago

hey blame it on the AAR!! they always jinks houston.. seroulsy acts them.. every time they come to houston thats an outdoors concert . IT RAINS lol

ashley4realz46 2190 days ago

omfg i wuz on my way and got stranded at the gas station becuz the streets were flooding!! danm i wish i went!! i didnt really care about the rain but the flooding fucked things up!! :( .. gotta love houston :P

cestPARKER 2191 days ago

It was so worth it!!! The rain was better than last year's 518295513224178977 degrees!

vickyrocksalot 2191 days ago

i was one of those soaked kids..its was cold and rainy ahhh

AlyssaPerez6 2191 days ago

I could get soaked that much times 184 and still wouldn't care. WARPED TOUR! :))

flamingotx 2191 days ago

LOL Can't wait to see my muddy teenager!

jenna_bruno 2191 days ago

its better like that. trust me when your sitting in the heat you WANTT rain.

Markeys29 2191 days ago

it reminds me of Montreal's warped tour last year

allittllelamb 2191 days ago

at least it wasn't scorching like in Las Cruces!

ofliesandhope 2191 days ago

Let's hear it for my state's crazy weather =D woo hurricanes

aliterror 2191 days ago

I hope its like that in Atlanta! lol Hotlanta was scorching last year!

Gloria_Sophia 2191 days ago

Oh man this reminds me of the last day of Bamboozle 09! I hope it doesn't rain the days I'm goin

SALINASVANIA 2191 days ago

Pahahaha I can totally see Dallas in the same conditions for tomorrow! I'm STOKED! xD

kika_preciado 2191 days ago

ahaha that sucks

shotgunxsarah 2191 days ago

i'm soooo jealous! i wish i was there!!!

AshShumway 2191 days ago

I know! Two years ago, there was tornado warnings! We NEVER have tornado warnings in MA. And last year, it poured and was freezinggg. I'm seriously hoping for some sun this year.

cyntheeeuhh 2191 days ago

I wanted to go so bad :(

WhoaOhLaney 2191 days ago

Hell yeah! I hope Dallas is like that tomorrow!

_r3yy 2191 days ago

Fk that lol

xsyringejunkiex 2191 days ago

shit....thats insane