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Wow this isn't looking good.

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1922 days ago

Wow this isn't looking good.


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montsesita 1921 days ago

wooow!... i do like this tipe of weather.. sometimes :)

cometg 1922 days ago


whatkaitlynsaid 1922 days ago

Ha there was hardly any rain the whole way there and the second we got out of the car all hell broke loose, just in time for doors.

Amberlynnx24 1922 days ago

to think, this hit right when the gates opened. everyone cheered for the rain that didnt stop

vickyrocksalot 1922 days ago

then the rain came...i was so cold i left

heyferhey 1922 days ago

damn! that's scary!!

shannuhxo 1922 days ago


OhhMyMichelle 1922 days ago

It'll be beautiful tmro in Dallas. (:

dancevickydance 1922 days ago

0.0 to think i waz going to be there :P but hey i still wanted to be there :(

erinXVIII 1922 days ago

shiaaat man! hopefully Toronto wont look like this ! :)

WoeIsMichelle 1922 days ago

Whoaa Umm i think Tomorrow Will be MUCH better! I think!

SweatIt0ut 1922 days ago

Gosh, and Im going down to Austin in two hours for a wedding...Scary looking.

Sophie_Hong 1922 days ago

tomorrow in Dallas will be MUCH better. (: Pinky Promise !

erikaaAZ 1922 days ago

the weather looks amazing, only because az doesn't get that. but if its a hurricane than fuckkk :(

helloo_kitty 1922 days ago

Great something to look forward to. ill be there once i buy some rain boots! anyone there to give me set times??

HannahPuget 1922 days ago

That suuuuuuucks.

frankydrumsalot 1922 days ago


AndreaCupcake 1922 days ago

Omg!!! :( that sucks so bad!

HighLiz_DGAF 1922 days ago

its raining buckets! im here outside, are there anymore tickets on sale? everyone seems to be walking back to their cars.

Lovettrix 1922 days ago

Oh no :O